OMG Becky, Look at her Acetone!

Hello all! Today I have for you a Girly Bits creation, the acetone additive “OMG Becky, Look at her Acetone!”

As a quick aside, Pam’s names for her creations are excellent ❤

Generally speaking you’ve got three options when you want to remove your nail polish.

There’s non-acetone remover: gentle on your skin but takes forever to remove polish- and if there’s glitter involved it’s about as efficient as water, I swear.

There’s straight acetone: cheap, wickedly effective, and only slightly nicer than steel wool to your skin and cuticles.

Lastly, there’s ~*fancy*~ acetone: the best of both worlds- quick, effective, and about as non-dehydrating as polish removal can get. The downside? It is pricey.

I buy my acetone cheap and in large bottles. My go-to is about 3$ for 16oz (I’ve not progressed to the hardware store bucket o’ acetone, yet, but that is largely out of shame and not necessity).

To put it in perspective, let’s take a look at the two fancy removers I’ve used in the past: Zoya Remove+ and OPI Expert Touch Lacquer Remover.

  •     Zoya is 10$ for 8oz (six and a half times the price)
  •     OPI is 8$ for 4oz (over ten times the price)

So, if you’re like me, you’re asking yourself, what is the magical ingredient that makes these fancy acetones so excellent and expensive?

Glycerin. Boring as heck glycerin. That’s it. Yup.

Now, LabMuffin has a great tutorial for you DIY beauty folks out there explaining how to fancy-ify straight acetone yourself. To be fair, I still plan on trying it out myself, but glycerine has been a pain in the butt to find (see: I haven’t found any when I’ve remembered to look in the grocery store or pharmacy, but I also haven’t gone out of my way for hours).

Enter OMG Becky, Look at her Acetone.

It’s 5$ and it turns your cheap acetone into ~*fancy*~ acetone. It is a perfectly blended little bottle of water, glycerin, oils and scent (or not), that you add to straight acetone. The instructions say to add it to 250ml (~8oz) of acetone, and that is what I did- but I’d bet it’d go a little further if your acetone container of choice holds 300ml or 285ml or what have you.

Anywho- once it’s added it makes your acetone smell lovely (or not) and about a billion times kinder to your skin. All the glitter removing powaa of acetone, none of the dry, white cuticles of the damned. As a person that occasionally wears gel polish- this is so, so wonderful. I’ve been using it for a couple weeks as of this posting and it is sooo niiiice. I also love the scent I picked, Coconut Milk & Lavender, and my cuticles feel and look so much better after polish removal.

So- all in all- big fan of this product and I will super be buying it again. It’s still not as cheap as straight acetone, but it’s so nice on my skin AND it’s only 5$- still cheaper than the other fancy alternatives. AND I get to support a fellow Canadian lacquerhead!

You can buy it on Girly Bits website, if you wanna try it out!

’til next time!



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