Femme Fatale Arrival of Venus

Quick swatch shot today!

It recently came to my attention that despite my love of all things holo and orange, I did not have a holographic orange polish in my collection. Fortunately for me, I found a bottle of Arrival of Venus by Femme Fatale to remedy that situation. It is from the Birth of Venus collection (the same collection as Horae Awaits) which came out August 2016. It is an orange linear holographic, and this is two buttery smooth coats. In some inside lighting this comes off a little dusty-coral, but in sun it’s a rather bright orange. Holos have suuure come a long way since I first started playing with them. Wicked rainbowy flare and beautiful application. Forgive me the tip wear/repair in the photos, my day one photos did not turn out when I took a closer look at them so I had to retake them after a day’s wear.

As per always, Femme Fatale impresses. I ordered this one from Girly Bits, which is a wonderful Canadian retailer & creator (Yay Pam!), but you can also find Femme Fatale through their Australian website, their American website or through any of their resellers.

‘Til next time!




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