Rainbow Honey Just Nails Mystery Bag March 2017

Hello all!

So, the preview post was right here if you wanted to take a look, and without further ado, let’s take a look!

So, first off, some comparison shots of The Element of Magic. I’ve got my original bottle on the left and the mystery bag polish on the right, then, on my pointer finger is the original, and the new bottle on my middle finger. If the formula has changed, it’s beyond my ability to tell. The original may be slightly more pink leaning, but that could very well be because that bottle has got to be at least five years old at this point. Three thin coats of each, though on shorter nails you can get away with two (as I will demonstrate in just a moment). I love this colour- while it is a little over the top for work, I like wearing it on my toes. Makes me think of dragon scales 🙂

Next, we have a comparison between The Worst Possible Thing and The Best Possible Thing. The Worst is one of my favourite glitter toppers, so the Best is working against some pretty serious competition. This is one coat (really!) of each over OPI’s Black Onyx. As you can see, while the Best is inspired by the Worst, but they are definitely not the same colour/mix of glitters. The Worst is much more blue leaning thanks to dark blue iridescent glitters and has large flakies, which are mostly iridescent blue or purple, while the Best is decidedly pink leaning, with the flakies being small and iridescent pink-to-gold. I think the blurred picture shows the blue-vs-pink leanings of each topper. Both have lots of tiny silver holo microglitter, but the Best also has a few larger pieces as well. The Best does not have the same galaxy-manicure-in-a-bottle kind of look as the Worst (at least to me), but I still think it is pretty as heck. Beautiful polishes, and different enough that I’m glad to have both.

silver promise

Last we’ve got Silver Promise which was the polish I was most looking forward to swatching. I broke my thumb nail right before these swatches, so this is two coats on my thumb and pointer of my Cinderella hand (aka: my dominant/right hand- you know, the one that does all the work & gets none of the attention). This is a foil, and as with all foils- make sure your nail is buffed and prepped to be as smooth as possible, because foils will highlight every imperfection and doubly so in pictures. Other formula comments: my experience with this polish is that at first the purple is super visible on the nail, but the formula is also frosty-brushstrokey. That said, as the polish dries, the brushstrokes disappear, but the purpley bits go into hiding, too. In the end, the purple is still there, it’s just subtle. Subtle, still gorgeous, and different enough to set it apart from other silver foils.

That’s all! Hope you enjoyed the swatches! If you like what you see, check out Rainbow Honey’s website (yep, that’s my affiliate link!), you can sign up for mystery bags OR you can purchase a select number of individual polishes, too 🙂

’til next time!



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