Rainbow Honey Just Nails Mystery Bag March 2017 Preview

Hello all!

At long last my mystery bag arrived, so here’s a quick preview of it before I get to swatches.

I am so excited for this one for those of you new to Rainbow Honey- it’s got one of my favourite old polishes, an “inspired by” polish of another fave and a new one that looks so pretty.

So- we’ve got The Element of Magic, which is from the Equestria collection (& representing Twilight Sparkle). It’s a purple shimmer jam packed with holographic purple glitter and silver microglitter. I can’t wait to show you this one, it is so pretty. I already own a bottle, but I’ve probably used about a third of it. A favourite on my toes in the summer.

Next, The Best Possible Thing which is a super irridescent glitter topper that’s a riot of pinks, blues, transparent holo-glitter and looks like some flakies in there too. This is inspired by Rainbow Honey’s The Worst Possible Thing from the Equestria collection (& Rarity’s polish). The Worst Possible Thing was one of the *very* first Rainbow Honey polishes I bought, so I’ll be sure to do a swatch for you of it along with this one. The original is one of those galaxy-manicures in a bottle kinds of glitterbombs. One coat over black and you’re done! Super psyched to try this one out.

Lastly, the newbie to me, is Silver Promise. Ohhh man this one looks cool. It’s a silver foil, which already has my vote- I love wearing silver polish in spring and summer- while it’s often sold as a “wintery” colour, it looks so good with tanned skin (and on dark complexions!). But, in additon to being silvery goodness, it has the most subtle looking purple sparks in it. Hoo boy do I ever hope those translate to the nail because they are gorgeous and I have nothing even remotely like this in my stash.

The non-polish bonus item this time around is Cocktails Moisturizing Aloe Vera Gel. I look forward to trying this out, Rainbow Honey labs’ choices in scents are almost always up my alley.

As per always, these were purchased by yours truly. If you too want in on these lovely mystery bags- you can check out my affiliate link right here, Rainbow Honey sells mystery bags and individual polishes and honestly I love everything they make ❤

That’s all for the preview- I can’t wait to swatch these for you!


PS: Because of the back log, I received all my nail mail at once- which means I also have Femme Fatale Little Mermaid polishes, and Girly Bits’ Acetone Additive sitting on my desk waiting for my attention. So after I get these swatched, those will be swatched and reviewed next!


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