Zoya Earth Day Promo!

Quick update post here, because I said I would let you know the next time a polish creator does something cool.

Zoya is doing their annual Earth Day polish recycling event!

The jist of it is this: you can get between 6 & 24 Zoya polishes for 50% off by using the code EARTHLUV from now until May 10th.

Note: You do not need to send used/old/empty polish bottles to Zoya to get the discount. BUT if you have polish to destash- take advantage of this opportunity to get it disposed of safely & environmentally consciously!

Also- if you have unused nail polish to destash (unloved colour, duplicates, etc.) consider the green choice of donating it to a women’s shelter or a charity in the spirit of the Cinderella Project!

That’s all for now- if you want to see some of the Zoya colours I’ve swatched, check em out here, here.

If you want to read more about Zoya’s Earth Day event- you can read more about it here!



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