Pastel Skittlette featuring Serum No. 5

Alrighty- quick (and unfortunately belated) mani today from Easter!

This year was the first year my son was old enough to partake in the neighbourhood egg hunt, so I went with a pastel skittlette that reminded me of mini-eggs!

From Pointer to pinkie: we have Serum No. 5’s Awesome Blossom, Glowin’ of Eden, Laven-daringly Bright, Pure Glow Getter & on the thumb, Blue Blazes.
These are all from the Serum No. 5 Spring/Summer 2014 collection and they are some of my favourite pastels in my stash. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again– Serum No. 5 does the best glow in the dark polishes. These are all two to three coat pastels (!!), they are black light reactive and they all glow in the dark in the same colour as the polish. I’m emphasizing that because a lot of glow in the dark polish uses the same green glow pigment- which, while still glowy and fun, is a little samey (particularly when you are expecting different colours).  Check out these beauties in the dark:

skittlettepastel (1)

I did three coats of each polish for the camera (I find the glow shows up better for pictures with a thicker coat), though as I said, a few (Laven-daringly Bright, Pure Glow Getter, Awesome Blossom) only really need two coats. As I have said before on the blog, glow in the dark pigments in general are quite gritty. Of these polishes, the most gritty are the pink and purple (Awesome Blossom and Laven-daringly Bright), then the white (Pure Glow Getter), and lastly the green and blue (Glowin’ of Eden & Blue Blazes) are almost completely smooth. The blue, green and white have the brightest glow, whereas the pink and purple are a little more subtle.

I mentioned these are from the Spring/Summer 2014 collection, and though most polish brands warn that glow in the dark pigment may fade after a year, I bought these on release and they are still going strong three years later 🙂

My favourite thing to do with these polishes is super charging my nails with my UV lamp before bed. My nails are still glowing by morning! I’ve got Laven-daringly Bright on my toes right now, too, and I smile like a goofy kid when I see my glowy toes before I sneak under the sheets.


These are all still available on Serum No. 5’s website, last I checked. As of this post, the website is down for a holiday- but I’m sure they’ll be back up in no time. Serum No. 5 has some positively lovely shades and you should definitely check them out- AND it’s also worth mentioning that they donate a portion of their profits to charity every month because they are wonderful.

Hope you enjoyed the mani!




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