Update: General

Hello! Just a quick update to let you all know I’ve not fallen off the face of the planet!

I’m running behind in my posts a wee bit- I’ve had a string of visitors and a pair of sick kids which has eaten into my nail painting time. I’m also still waiting on my Rainbow Honey Mystery Bags for March and April. Between the initial delay, shipping to Canada and the Easter long weekend it’s made for a bit of a wait.

I’ve ordered some Femme Fatale polishes from the Little Mermaid collection as well (which I’m looking forward to swatching and sharing), but those are also a little delayed from the long weekend.

All that said, in the coming weeks I’m hoping my kids will be healthy (and sleeping properly!) again. At the latest, by the time May rolls around I should be able to eek out a little more nail-time in the evenings.

I also have a fiction post incoming- it just needs to go through my beta readers first.

So- the tl;dr of this update is that I’ve not given up or forgotten about this blog thing yet, I’ve just had a couple of unanticipated hiccups that ate up my buffer posts.

I’m very much looking forward to sharing a few manicures, swatches and stories with you soon!

Take care ’til then!



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