Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Snappy Sorbet & Nicole by OPI’s Nicole’s Nickel

Quick manicure for you today!

Now, I used to be a lot more into drugstore nail polish before I got into indies available online. Since then, I usually have enough self-control to limit myself from impulse buying in drugstores, as it frees my budget for pretty things online. That said, I’m imperfect and sometimes there are some beautiful drugstore polishes that I go out of my way to find. Also, occasionally drugstore brands make dupes of much more expensive polishes- Sally Hansen and Revlon come to mind, of Deborah Lippmann’s Across the Universe and Chanel’s Peridot- though I swear for a while there every company had a Peridot dupe.

Not that I’m complaining.


As for these polishes? They were a gift from a friend who picked them up from a destash<3

This is Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Snappy Sorbet with an accent of Nicole by OPI’s Nicole’s Nickel.

Snappy Sorbet is a bright peachy-coral creme. This is two coats. I find it is a little more pink leaning in life, while my photos pick up more of the orange tones. Now, when Sally Hansen says Insta-Dry, she means it. You have to work quickly with this polish, two of my nails actually have three coats because I was too slow with my application and the polish pulled with the final paint stroke. Keep a big bead on your brush and go for speedy, slightly thicker coats and you’re set.

My accent nail is Nicole’s Nickle. It is a blackened base with scads of silver microglitter and a few larger silver glitters as well. I loved this one in the bottle, but having come from a destash, it was a goopy mess. But, thanks to the glory that is nail polish thinner, I was able to revive it and get it back to a nice flowy consistency. This is two coats. I am not a big fan of the NOPI brush, it is super thick and kinda fluffy- which makes painting my pinkies a bit of a pain in the butt. What surprised me the most about this polish (and this may have been from the polish thinner- so your mileage may vary) was that it dried super smooth for a packed glitter like this. It still needed topcoat, but it was glass smooth with one thin coat.

As a quick aside, if you have bottles of nail polish that happened to have their caps replaced too loose and have gone all gloopy, don’t throw them out! A bottle of nail polish thinner costs about $10 and can fix those old molasses polishes (or too-thick glitters).

Snappy Sorbet is currently out of stock on Nail Polish Canada, but I believe it is part of Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dry core, so it will probably be restocked and should not be hard to find (also Nail Polish Canada’s “Notify Me” emails work super well, so long as you make sure they get past any email filters you have). Nicole’s Nickel may be a bit of a harder one, as NOPI polishes seem to be less and less common in drugstores- but you might get lucky! China Glaze’s Meet Me Under the Stars is a little similar to Nicole’s Nickle, as is OPI’s Metallic 4 Life, but I don’t know how easy either of those polishes are to find in comparison. BUT if you really love this look, you can check ’em out 🙂

’til next time!



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