China Glaze Frostbite & ILNP The Magician

At not-very-long last I have some shots of The Magician for you!

So, first off, I layered it over a classic electric blue: China Glaze’s Frostbite. I’ve got a quick swatch of three coats by itself right here.

frostbite (1).jpg

Frostbite is part of China Glaze’s core, and honestly, if you are new to polish and you need to own one blue, this is one heckuva choice. It’s wickedly bright, nice formula, and not a limited edition.
But, let’s be real, as lovely as Frostbite is (and it is lovely) that isn’t what you’re here for!

So, I’m a little disappointed that my camera cannot capture it any better than this, but I know that is in part because I chose to layer it over an electric blue.
“If you knew that D, why would you still choose Frostbite as a base colour?”
Well, because if you want to see this layered over black or dark purple, there are 14876235 pictures of it on ILNP’s website by bloggers that are much more experienced (and have much better cameras) than me! Do check them out, because this is stunning over black. That said, it is gorgeous over other colours, too- hence, my choice in swatching it over Frostbite.
As you can see, The Magician has a lovely gold-green-red shimmer colour shift, and the particles are just big enough to sparkle. So freaking pretty. This is one coat, two is a little more intense, but honestly more layers than that does not change the effect overmuch.

(Aside: I paint my nails when my kids are asleep, and I had just finished this manicure when my two year old woke up. When I went to comfort him he was about three words into telling me about his bad dream when he stopped, took my hand and put it right up to his face. “Wooooow Mummy! Woooow!” Funny little creature. And for what it’s worth- he doesn’t usually notice/care about my nail colour- so you heard it here first, The Magician & Frostbite- Stunner of Toddlers. ANYway.)

If you are interested in The Magician, there are still (as of my writing this) bottles remaining on ILNP’s website. While the vast majority of ILNP’s colours are a permanent part of their collection, this one is a limited edition, and they will not be remaking it as the pigment is no longer available. So if you want some- get it now!

Hope you enjoyed it- if I layer it over any other colours I will be sure to edit and add to this post đŸ™‚

‘Til next time!



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