Update re: Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag of March 2017

Hello all! So, I’ve been consistently posting Rainbow Honey’s Just Nails Mystery Bags and fear not- I will continue to do so!

“But D, why no March post? You didn’t even post a preview!”

I know! And trust me, I was looking at my calendar and wondering the same thing. First thing that I worried was that Canada Post lost the package (which I am happy to say has only happened twice in my life- though in the second instance my amazing magician of a mail carrier actually found it about a month later). But, after scouring my inbox, I discovered that I didn’t even have a shipping number, so I fired off an email to the Rainbow Honey team.

Turns out that one of Rainbow Honey’s suppliers is running behind, so the March mystery bag was shipped on the 31st of March. They have apologized and do not anticipate that their vendor will experience a delay again. Personally, I’m not worried- shite happens, as they say, and Rainbow Honey on the whole has amazing customer service. I’m sure we’ll have mysteries in our mail in no time ❤



2 thoughts on “Update re: Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag of March 2017

    1. Unfortunately no 😦
      After the email talking about Dee’s illness I didn’t follow up. I cancelled my subscription, but having heard what dealing with illness is like for small business owners in the USA, I didn’t want to ask for a refund–she has bigger fish to fry, and I would have contributed to a GoFundMe for her anyway.


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