ILNP Storytelling

My love affair with nail polish names continues.
And let’s be real- my blog is about stories and nail polish, how could I not buy this polish? It’s been on my to-buy since I got the pre-sale email back in the summer, but I managed to obey my budget and put off purchasing it until now.

This is Storytelling by ILNP. It is a purple jelly-ish polish that is filled with tiny holographic flakies. It also has a fairly subtle red-gold shimmer. This is three coats.  It’s super pretty in every light but it is just distractingly so in sunlight. Of course, with my luck, the only time I saw them in the sun was when I was driving, so flash/warm/cool lighting will have to do. I also did one deliberately blurry shot just to really show off how wickedly sparkly this polish is. While it is not a traditional galaxy manicure in a bottle, it still makes me think of photographs of deep space.

It also reminds me a fair bit of BLUSH Lacquers’ Evening Sparkler. While I did not do side by side swatches of the two, (though I would if there were interest) I would say the key differences are that Storytelling is a true purple, it is much less shimmery/lit from within, and it has a much stronger scattered holographic effect. This one also has micro flakies as opposed to micro glitter, so it dries down very smooth and shiny, even without topcoat. They are different enough that am happy to own both (on the plus side, Storytelling is not limited run, so if you missed out on Evening Sparkler, you can get something at least a little similar and just as gorgeous)

The second bottle from ILNP’s Summer 2016 collection that I picked up is Interstellar AND I also have my bottle of The Magician now, so I will try to get those photographed ASAP for you all!

Hope you enjoyed the swatch!


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