Femme Fatale Horae Awaits

Quick mani today while I await my March nail mail ❤

This is Horae Awaits by Femme Fatale. It is a pale pink with ghostly blue shimmer and a sprinkle of scattered holographic microglitter. This is three coats, though if you have a steady hand (and shorter nails) you can likely get away with two. The formula is buttery smooth and self-leveling. I live in one of the cloudiest cities in North America, so while it is regrettable, it is no surprise that the sun did not show up for my photos, so these are all taken inside with either warm or cool lighting in my makeshift lightbox (but, spring is coming- and that means I’ll have sunshine soon!)

Ooof, this is such a pretty colour. It’s somewhere between a pink ghost and the inside of some fantastical seashell. Given that the collection that this came from was the “Birth of Venus” collection, I imagine the inspiration came from the later. Definitely another one of those office-friendly colours that appeal to me- demure at first glance, but sparkly and complex enough on closer inspection.

As shipping from Australia is quite expensive and the CDN-USD conversion is poo-poo right now, I have to be miserly with my purchases of Femme Fatale’s polishes (which is tougher than you’d think, because they make such beautiful polish) BUT I am super happy I snagged this one. It is just. so. pretty.

Femme Fatale’s polishes are available from their website, their American distribution website, or from a number of stockists. The Birth of Venus collection was launched late last summer, and is likely going to go through it’s last restock fairly soon. So- scoop it up now if you’re interested (a number of their stockists have it as of writing this post, but the Australian & US sites are both out of stock- for now. Check the pre-sale page on the main site on the first of the month, that’s when they do their restocks!)

Hope you enjoyed the swatch!



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