BLUSH Lacquers Evening Sparkler

Today I have for you another of BLUSH Lacquers beautiful polishes!

This one is called Evening Sparkler and it is a glowy, glittery slice of excellent. It is a royal blue base filled with red-copper shimmer and orange holographic microglitter. It looks a little purple leaning because of the shimmer, but the base is definitely a rich blue. This is two coats, though a lighter hand may need a third. The microglitter causes the polish to dry down a little gritty, but a nice thick topcoat sorts that out no problem (on a grittiness scale, it’s less than a a textured polish, less than a chunky glitter- very close to the Serum No. 5 glow-in-the-dark polishes, & more gritty than Femme Fatale’s microglitter cremes).

In the sun this polish is just. Gah. I’ve mentioned it before in the blog, but that lit-from-within shimmer is one of my favourite things in nail polish and Evening Sparkler (brace for the groaner pun) nails it.

Evening Sparkler was BLUSH Lacquers’ colour of the month for July 2016, but when I last checked they still had a couple bottles on their website. As I said when reviewing Nerida Singer, darn near every one of BLUSH Lacquers’ colours are gorgeous, so do head over and give their website a look. Their current Midnight Masquerade collection is just lovely (reminds me of ILNP’s Ultra Chromes a little, which are some of my favourites). I’m hoping to scoop up at least a bottle or two in the future, as I make my way through my polish wishlist (and budget).


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