St. Patrick’s Day Mani!

Quick mani shot today! As promised for St. Patricks Day- it’s a Pot o’ Gil/Pot o’ Glam glitterstorm!

Gaaah gold and green are one of my favourite colour combos.

This is also an example of my favourite way to do glitter gradients.

After basecoat, I do a rough french line of an opaque colour that compliments the glitter I want to use (in this case: Revlon’s Wicked Star).

Next, I brush on a layer of glitter polish, starting from 3/4 down the nail, as opposed to right at the cuticle (in this case: said glitter was Rainbow Honey Pot o’ Glam)

Then, I sponge on a second coat of the glitter polish, this time only on half the nail (in this case: more Pot o’ Glam)

The final glitter coat I dab on, and it is usually an “accent” glitter, different from the base and usually slightly sparse, but with big or unique pieces (in this case: Rainbow Honey Pot o’ Gil, with it’s circle glitter). During this final coat I make sure to place glitter so that the line of my french tips is nicely obscured.

Finish it with topcoat and you’re good to go!

(This is also one of my favourite ways to do a soak-off Gel manicure because nail growth is not as obvious when you’re on week two)

That’s all for today! Happy painting and happy St. Paddy’s Day!

PS: Here’s a quick bottle shot for those of you interested in comparing Pot o’ Gil (on the left, with the circle glitter) and Pot o’ Glam (on the right, slightly darker greens in the mix, no circle glitter)



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