BLUSH Lacquers Nerida Singer

Today I have a polish from BLUSH Lacquers, an indie brand that is new to me but that I fell in love with back in September (from looking at swatches on Vampy Varnish). I bought two of their polishes, Nerida Singer and Evening Sparkler (which I will swatch and review at a later date).

Nerida Singer is part of the Sea Water Shimmers collection which is inspired by mermaids.

Okay, true facts: I will never get tired of nail polish inspired by mermaids. Mermaid colours are usually sparkly teals, aquamarines and blues (which I am a sucker for), but the ocean is filled with a riot of colours and contrast- and those weirdo mermaidy creations are my jam.

Nerida Singer is a pea/spring green packed with red shifting shimmer. This is three coats- the formula is a little thin, but that’s what allows all that shimmer to peek through. It is gorgeous. It’s one of those lit-from-within kinds of polishes that looks good in any light. At certain angles the shimmer is almost yellow-gold, but for the most part it is this firey red-copper. I love it.

Now spring green is a fairly ugly-pretty colour when it comes to nail polish, right down there with yellows and browns in terms of how often you see it worn by your non-lacquer obsessed folks. Even so- I’d still encourage a person to try this one anyway. It is so pretty. The only caution, as with any green, is that if your skin has pink undertones, sometimes green polish will make your hands look sunburned (aka: lobster hands). The only way to find out is to try!

So, while I only have the one polish, the whole Sea Water Shimmers collection is a treasure trove of weirdo mermaidy goodness. If you like shimmers, glitters, cremes- BLUSH Lacquers has a little bit of everything. The Sea Water Shimmers collection is going through its last restock, and the current Midnight Masquerade collection looks absolutely gorgeous. I highly encourage you to take a look. BLUSH Lacquers website is right here!

Until next time!


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