Rainbow Honey Just Nails Mystery Bag February 2017


So, if you want to check out bottle shots and the lovely soap that came with Rainbow Honey’s February Nails Only Mystery Bag, you can take a looksie at my preview post here!
I did swatches a little differently this time because all three polishes are glitter/shimmer toppers. As such, I wanted to show you how they looked over top of different colours, at different densities, etc.

Without further ado, on with the swatches!

First off we have Candy Coated, the pink-purple-white matte circle glitter bomb. I’ve swatched one painted/dabbed-on coat over four different colours, the first two being from last month’s mystery bag. On my pointer finger is Rainbow Honey’s Crème Berry, on my middle finger is Rainbow Honey’s Crème Vanilla, on my ring finger is over Cult Nails’ Tempest and my pinkie is good ol’ OPI Black Onyx. I think my favourite is it over either black or yellow. By the by, I did two coats of Crème Vanilla over a coat of Tempest this time around, and as you can see, no patchy bits! As I said in the previous post, the trouble with pastels and yellows is often sorted out with some white undies ^_~. I had to do a wee bit of fishing for the larger glitter pieces on the first nails I painted, but after turning the polish upside down for a moment they spread out enough to come out on their own.

Next up is Viridescence. This is a green-blue-purple shimmer with green-blue flakies. Man, this is a super pretty topper over every darn colour. I swatched it over a naked nail, too, just because I know there are people out there who are into sheers, even if they aren’t my thing most of the time. As such, on my pointer finger is three thin coats. The rest of my nails have one coat over the base colour. My middle finger’s base colour is Rainbow Honey’s Mint Flavor, ring is Cult Nails’ Tempest, & pinkie is OPI Black Onyx. Man, I love shimmers like this over black. Instant galaxy manicures. I kinda wanted to swatch it over a couple of other darker colours, but I only had so much time so I limited myself to black. But honest, pretty sure it’ll look lovely over any polish.

Lastly we have Pot o’ Glam, the spiritual successor (if nail polish were to have such things) of Pot o’ Gil, one of my favourite Rainbow Honey polishes. As you can see, it is loaded with multisized gold and green glitter and a smattering of gold-green shimmer. While this is definitely still a glitter topper, this is a nice dense glitter- no fishing required, and as you can see, it can be sponged on to opacity if you’re into that. I’ve got a glitter gradient on my pointer finger (with a line of Revlon’s Wicked Star as a base at the very tip), one painted/dabbed-on coat on my middle finger, two sponged-on coats on my ring finger and the polish over black (still OPI Black Onyx) on my pinkie. Love this topper, it is right up there with Pot o’ Gil, and I imagine this St. Patrick’s Day I will probably be rocking a glitter gradient with a mix of the two.

So, there you have it! Three more super pretty polishes from Rainbow Honey- & no surprises here that I love them all. If you want in on Rainbow Honey’s mystery bags next month (or if you want to check out which of their lovely polishes they’re offering for sale at the moment) you can check out my affiliate link here. As of my writing this, you could still find Mint Flavour in the Summer of 199X Trio for $25 USD (The two other colours included, Tessie & Magic Cake, are also gorgeous).

Hope you enjoyed the swatches- see you next time!



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