Comparison Post! OPI Skyfall vs. Zoya Pepper & SOPI Looks Like Rain, Dear vs. Zoya Levi


Alright, so today I have a comparison post of two of my favourite polishes.

Skyfall is probably my absolute favourite red creme (close second: Adventure Red-y by China Glaze). Technically I think it’s not red, but ‘oxblood’, which is goth AF (also, why are we calling things burgundy when we could be calling them oxblood?). This colour is just classic and sophisticated and it plays nice with my skin tone. It was part of the limited edition OPI movie-tie-in collection for Skyfall. My favourite way to wear it is in a Louboutin-esque manicure, a-la Severine/Bérénice Marlohe from the movie: a long nail, Skyfall on top and gold painted under the hanging edge. Like this:


Gorgeous, eh?

The second of my favourites is Sephora by OPI Looks Like Rain, Dear. It is a textured gold and microglitter polish. I love it, it does everything right. It’s glittery, loud-but-not-too-loud, and it is surprisingly chip resistant for a glitter polish. So, quick nail polish micro-history time: textured polishes started to be marketed as a unique, alternate finish in 2013-ish. Before then, glitter polish that was gritty and required two-to-four layers of topcoat to smooth was considered undesirable. But, as with all things fashion it seems, all it took was the right person saying it was cool 🙂 I am not sure who marketed textured polish first, but I will say that in 2013 it felt like everyone in the nail world (off the top of my head: China Glaze, Julie G, OPI, Zoya, Nails Inc., Barry M…) released textured polishes.

Now what does this have to do with anything, D? WELL Looks Like Rain, Dear, was ahead of the curve. It came out as part of the Holiday 2010 collection for Sephora and has the exact same texture as OPI’s Liquid Sand polishes. And to be a total hipster jerk about it: I loved it before it was cool.

As you’ve probably gleaned from my ramblings, neither of these are available anymore. But worry not, I did not post to boast about oldies-but-goodies. My goal for this post is to share with you some close cousins to my favourite colours that are available now and part of permanent collections!

So, let’s do some dupe comparisons. We’ll start with the bottle shots:



From left to right we’ve got OPI Skyfall, Zoya Pepper, Sephora by OPI Looks Like Rain, Dear, & Zoya Levi.

Now on to swatches:

On my pointer finger I have Skyfall, and the middle finger Pepper. These two were almost impossible to tell apart. I think in the red-brown-purple mix that is oxblood, Pepper might be a little more purple leaning and Skyfall a little more brown leaning, but if I’m being honest here- if I were to have someone else paint my fingers I would not be able to tell them apart. Two coats of polish for both of these.

On my ring finger I have Looks Like Rain, Dear and on my pinkie I have Levi. Two coats for both polishes. These ones are not perfect dupes, LLRD is more of a yellow-gold, Levi is more of a champagne-gold. While both polishes have standard small-sized holographic gold glitter, Levi also has holographic gold microglitter. The texture of each is roughly the same (I’m so not sorry for that terrible pun) with Levi being perhaps slightly more textured. The shots where I am holding the top coat show what they look like when smoothed out with top coat 😉

So, there you have it! Two of my favourite polishes ever and two still-available colours that you can purchase that are juuuust about the same. I hope you love them as much as I do ❤

(and if you do, click on over to Zoya or Nail Polish Canada!)

Hope you enjoyed my first comparison post!



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