Rainbow Honey Just Nails Mystery Bag February 2017 Preview

Preview post today for February’s Rainbow Honey Just Nails Mystery Bag!

This month we get three lovely polishes, from left to right: Viridescent, Candy Coated & Pot o’ Glam with the bonus this month being a cute, pretty smelling “Spring Petals” hand soap. Gaaah Rainbow Honey has some of the best glitter mixes out there. Super psyched to try these ones out. In particular I am looking forward to Pot o’ Glam, which is inspired by Pot o’ Gil, one of my favourite Rainbow Honey glitters (it’s my go-to St. Patrick’s Day polish and makes for sweet fading glitter tips). The matte glitter triangles in Candy Coated I’m also looking forward to playing with (I think it’ll look gorgeous over last month’s crèmes), & I can’t wait to swatch Viridescent over some dark colours. As for the soap, it has a strong but pleasant floral scent- I’m not a big perfume gal, so I’ll go with what’s on the card here: a blend of white lilies, pink jasmine & warm sandalwood. The lilies are what I smell the most. Great little mystery bag!

That’s all for now! If this preview has you wanting in, sign up (or pick up just this month’s mystery bag), check out Rainbow Honey’s website here (full disclosure, this is my affiliate link)

Looking forward to swatching these for you!



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