Beautiful Midnight Inspired Nails

Hello all! Quick manicure to share today (if by quick, I mean quick to read, because hoooo boy nail art takes me forever).

So, my relationship with nail art is summarized fairly well by the turn of phrase “Good from afar, but far from good.” That said, I’m pretty pleased with how this turned out- though I still hold it falls under the ‘much better from far away’ umbrella.

This is my inspired-by take on Matt Good’s ‘I Miss New Wave: Beautiful Midnight Revisited’ cover art.

See here:


I bought my partner tickets to his current tour for Christmas and these were the nails I wore to the concert.
My favourite part? They are black-light reactive and glow in the freaking dark.

I used OPI’s Black Onyx as a base, followed up with Serum No. 5’s Light’s Out- a glow in the dark black crème. The yellow is Serum No. 5’s Solar Power, and the orangy-pinky-red is Serum No. 5’s Infrared. As for technique- I freehanded the stripes with a thin paintbrush. Nail tape or vinyls probably would have done a cleaner job, but I don’t currently have any, so I made do.

Wanna see what the manicure looks like under black light? Of course you do.

Boss, eh? If you want to know what it looks like in the dark, picture that but much more muted (with Solar Power being an exception- that colour is bright no matter the lighting)

I’ve mentioned Serum No. 5 before on the blog, but it bears repeating- they do the best glow in the dark polishes. The formula on all of them is fairly easy to work with, but the glow pigments dry down very grainy- I use a coat of Gelous before my go-to Seche Vite to make my nails shiny and smooth (I know Gelous is a base coat, but it makes glitter look like glass). As with a chunky glitter, uv-gel top coat works well too, but two coats of top coat or your favourite glitter-food should do the trick.

Also, just as a heads up- it has been said to me that the glow in the dark pigments fade over time and to not expect a glow effect after a year. But for what it’s worth, I’ve had all of these glowy polishes for over two years now and they are all still going strong.

Ahh. Glow in the dark nails make me stupidly happy.

Lastly- have you heard of Matt Good? I am told he is less well known outside of Canada, and boy-oh-boy is that ever a shame. Music is super not what this blog is about, but I can’t not plug him a little- his lyrics and music are just beautiful- I highly recommend taking a listen. I’ll leave you with a piece from his newest EP, but if you want more I can honestly say I love at least a couple songs off of of his albums.





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