Zoya Iris

Alright- so, Zoya has a tradition of offering nail polish for free (you have to pay shipping) during the new year. I managed to remember this year, and wound up with four ‘free’ polishes for 25$ Canadian, which is pretty darn good, considering Zoya polishes usually run about 11-12$ each. I wish I had thought to post about the sale on the blog, but- being new to this whole blogging business- I totally forgot. Next time! But if you are feeling industrious, put a reminder in your phone calendar to check Zoya’s website on January 1st of 2018, as I said, they do this every year 🙂

The four polishes I picked up were Iris, Bay, Pepper & Levi.

I’ve not done swatches of all four, but let’s get on with the pictures:

This is Iris, which I put in my cart without even looking at it because I love the word Iris and that’s how I roll. It is a lovely deep purple polish with Zoya’s ‘MatteVelvet’ finish- a soft matte that reminds me of sea glass. This is two coats. There is also a beautiful fuchsia shimmer in this polish that is visible even with the matte finish. I had some pictures of this with topcoat on, too, but it appears that I deleted them before I could upload them, so I’m afraid I’ll have to direct you elsewhere to take a look at this one when it’s all shiny. It’s really gorgeous both ways. Between hurrying due to kids/errands/desire to sleep & my general impatience, I usually reach for Seche Vite so that I can be on my way- I often forget just how pretty matte polishes can be. In any case, it’s a lovely polish and a great formula (I would expect nothing less from Zoya).

You can buy Iris direct from Zoya’s website, or from any number of retailers (as a Canadian, Nail Polish Canada is my usual go-to when Zoya is not having a sale).

See you next time!



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