Rainbow Honey Just Nails Mystery Bag January 2018

If you want to see bottle shots, first impressions, etc. check out my preview post here!

Without further ado- on to the swatches!

First I have Crème Vanilla. This colour is so pretty, a pastel yellow creme that reminds me of daffodils. Now, being both pastel & yellow, I knew that this was almost guaranteed to be a tough formula. That said, the formula was actually pretty good- considering that it is a pastel yellow. This is three coats, and though my middle finger is patchy, I have a ridge in that particular nail that makes application a little trickier. I don’t blame the formula, it’s good- it’s just not magical to the point that it does my work for me. If, like myself, you don’t have perfectly smooth nails but want to wear pastels like this- I’d recommend either a nice opaque ridge filling base coat, or even a coat of an opaque white before you use this. All that said, I like this colour quite a bit, it’s so dainty and feminine and springy ❤

This is Crème Berry. It is a relatively bright pink creme with tiny almost-but-not-quite invisible flakes of fuschia. This is two coats of buttery self-leveling formula. I love this polish. As a quick aside- while OPI is the Queen of reds, Rainbow Honey has pinks on lock. Seriously, almost all my favourite pink polishes are from Rainbow Honey, doesn’t matter if they’re cremes, shimmers or glitters, the team always knocks them out of the park. Crème Berry is definitely right up there with my favourite pinks. I love the way it looks on the nail, it is subtler in low light but is bright in sunlight. So pretty.

Last we’ve got Crème Lavender. While this one has creme in the name, this polish has these tiny secret gold flecks and pieces of silver holographic microglitter. That said, in low light, it does look like a pale dusty pink-purple creme.The gold is visible in the bottle and shows up on the nail in sunlight, and the microglitter pops up when you least expect it. This colour is one of my favourite kinds of professional/office polishes- it is not loud, but when you go outside for a lunch break or on your way home, suddenly sparkles. Just lovely.

There you have it! Another month of mysteries revealed. I think my favourite of the three is Crème Berry. Rainbow Honey pinks are always just so lovely. But, even the pastel yellow- a colour I would likely not have chosen myself- was super pretty, something I could see myself reaching for closer to Easter. I will play around with the nail glitter and see if I can’t do an artsy post later.

As always, you can check out Rainbow Honey here (full disclosure, that is an affiliate link). They have a store where you can purchase individual polishes, in addition to the Just Nails subscription, they offer a full mystery bag which contains all sorts of delicious goodies- hand cream, cuticle oils, soaps, perfumes, etc., and you can also buy individual polishes as well.

Take care ’til next time!


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