Cirque Holiday 2016 Collection

Today I have for you the Cirque Holiday 2016 collection! It’s rather belated, given that we’re well into 2017 now- but hey, we’ve got other holidays coming up. Valentine’s day, National Plum Pudding Day, Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day- all notable and worthy holidays to paint our nails for, right? Right.

(Also, does anyone really follow seasonal nail polish guidelines/trends? I think neons in summer is the only one that I really find myself consistently drawn to- and it’s mostly because neon is so obnoxious it’s nice to be able to say “Because it’s summer!” when someone looks at my highlighter fingers)


So I haven’t really gone into how much of a sucker I am for nail polish names- but honestly the reason why I even knew this collection existed is because of this first polish. I love the word Halcyon- I love the sound of it, I love this song, and kingfishers are some of my favourite birds (we have belted kingfishers that live in my neighbourhood and they are a delight to see rocketing down the river in summertime). Naturally, I with any word or name I love, I googled it to see if there was nail polish of it. AND THERE WAS. But- much to my dismay, the polishes I liked the best were limited edition & no longer available (Rescue Beauty Lounge’s Halcyon was so, so pretty, but it was too expensive for me back in 2012, & I can only imagine how much it would cost to find on ebay today). Lucky for me- Cirque’s Halcyon was tremendously popular as a 2015 holiday limited edition, so they included it in the holiday collection again this year (I’m actually a little surprised they chose a different polish from this collection to become part of the core, but that’s marketing I suppose!)

What’s all this have to do with anything? Well, because of a combination of word-love, limited self control, how lovely & different all these colours are, that I’d never tried Cirque polishes & the fact the collection is quite small, I decided to buy the whole collection (& Tanzanite, because I had a coupon). Let me show you~

Halcyon: a coppery/rose gold metallic composed of tiny reflective flakes. This is two coats of a buttery smooth formula. In low or indirect light it is beautifully reflective. In direct light or sunlight, holy balls is it ever sparkly. Quick aside- I’m not crazy when I’m thinking that rose gold is really just a fancy name for copper, right? I mean, it’d make sense, seeing as rose gold is a copper & gold alloy. If there is a subtle difference, I can’t say I’ve clued in (maybe rose gold is a little more yellowish? copper more brown?). Whatever the case, if you are the kind of person that doesn’t have a stash of a bazillion polishes, but would still like to have some options beyond the traditional black/red/french- I’d recommend this one. It’s a colour that flatters all skin tones & while it is fancy, it isn’t too loud to wear to work. A good polish for the budding enthusiast.

Idyllic: a silver-blue metallic composed of the same reflective flakes as Halcyon. It leans blue in some light but is silver for the most part (at least with my skin tone). This is two coats. When I was looking at swatches of this before I received it I wondered if it could be used as a kind of sparkly top coat, but I would say no (and same deal for Halcyon). The formula has a blue cast and the flakes are too concentrated (at least for my tastes). But- worn two coats on it’s own, it is just gorgeous. Super pretty & surprisingly reflective.

Winter Bloom: a minty green composed of reflective & holographic flakes. It also has pink shimmer which you can see in the bottle- it does transfer to the nail, though it is subtler & despite my best efforts I could not capture it with my camera (I swear- if I can keep up on my blogging for a few months I am going to get a lightbox and set up a proper camera). The formula is slightly less dense than Idyllic and Halcyon, so I needed three coats for full coverage. If you have shorter nails you might be able to get away with two, but I think this is probably a three coater no matter what.

Ambrosia: a deep burgundy linear holographic. Ahh, I love dark linear holos. Linear holos tend to come with three downsides. One- the formula is often hard to work with, though this seems to be more of a problem with the older holos (I’m looking at you Nfu-Oh & Layla!). The formula on this one is excellent- this is two easy coats, without any need for aqua base. Two- some linear holos have the tendency to look greyed out indoors and in low light conditions. Not so with this polish- it shimmers but does not look greyed out at all. And three- the flare dims with topcoat. While I did not wait terribly long to slap some topcoat on this polish (nor did I do comparison shots)- I did not notice a big difference in the holo flare. So, in summary, a dark linear holo with none of the traditional holo downsides? SO GOOD. Love it.

I really love this collection and I must say that between these polishes and Tanzanite, I am officially on the Cirque bandwagon. I’ve gone for the sparkly stuff so far, but they have some positively lovely looking crèmes on their website that I would love to try. This collection is limited edition with the exception of Ambrosia which is part of their core. You can order off of the Cirque website (and it looks like they are all still in stock!) or from one of their many stockists.

Hope you enjoyed the swatches!


(PS: since I took these pictures I’ve chipped one of my nails- so my next set of shots will either be on shorties, or I might take a few extra days between posts)


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