Fiction Update

Well, I had hoped that I would have a short piece to post to the blog by this point in time, but as you can tell- I don’t.

BUT that’s not to say I’ve not been writing!

I’ve got roughly 3000 words worth of fiction that I’ve banged out over the last month or so, a large chunk of which is a vignette that I intend to post here (by the time it’s posted who knows how long it’ll be, I could see if being double that length, or pared down to 2000- it really could go either way at this point). It still needs a fair bit more editing & more content before it’s ready for public consumption. The good news though, is that this blog has (so far) succeeded in getting me to write more.

The other thing that’s got me writing?

It’s a writing gamefication website and I am enjoying the heck out of it. It’s like NaNoWriMo easy mode- the pressure is still there, but the 444 word goal is a breeze for me to meet. So if pressure works to help you write (& if you like defeating adorable monsters during word sprints), check it out 🙂

My only trouble right now is that I have a boss fight ahead of me to advance the plot, which means I can’t do my normal word sprints. I’m not sure when I’m going to get a day in the near future where I can slam out 2100 words. But I’m sure that time will come.

So, yes. Fiction is incoming.

Hope you’re enjoying the nail part of the blog so far!



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