Serum No. 5 Silver Lining & Femme Fatale Maiden’s Patience

Another quickie post- this time with an older picture: a pinkie-finger-actually painted manicure from mid 2016 before I had my daughter.


Two colours here are:

Silver Lining by Serum No. 5: Two coats of a medium grey crème that glows in the freaking dark. Yup. Exposed to sunlight (or my personal fave- under a UV curing lamp) it glows a bright blue in the dark. The charge lasts for a few hours, depending on the intensity of the light. I love Serum No. 5’s glow in the dark polishes. Also, they have fabulous customer service AND donate a portion of their profits every month to charity. Only heads-up: the glow in the dark pigment is a little gritty, so topcoat is a must with these polishes. So cool, so pretty. Go look ❤

Maiden’s Patience by Femme Fatale: A white-grey crelly packed with silver holographic glitter, matte grey glitter & blue-green shimmer. Two coats on my accent nail. This is from the Midsummer’s Night dream collection- you miiight still be able to find this one with one of their distributors, but the collection was limited edition so they may all be gone. That said- Femme Fatale’s colours are always beautiful & usually varied enough that there is something that suits any taste!




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