Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag December 2016

It’s fitting that my first nail post be about Rainbow Honey because it’s the brand that reinvigorated my love of nail colour & opened my eyes to the wide world of indie nail polish- way back in 2011.

Neither my wallet nor my nails have been the same since ^^;;

So. My lovely friends bought me a subscription to Rainbow Honey’s Mystery Bag (Just Nails) for Christmas- which means that for (at least) the next six months I get to look forward to finding pretty colours in my mailbox (& sharing them here!)

Without further ado- here are the colours I received for December 2016:

Ahh Rainbow Honey- you never disappoint ❤

Given that the theme of the full size polishes is visible colour spectrum, I thought it would be fun to do an ombré rather than swatch each colour individually. I quite like the way it turned out.

nm 475: a bright blue with *very* subtle microglitter/shimmer. As in, so subtle it’s pretty much a crème. Two coats on my thumb & pointer- though this formula is so pigmented that it would easily be a one-coater on short nails.

nm 400: a blurple with a smattering of tiny holographic glitters & blue-green shimmer. Super pretty, very easy to apply for a glitter polish. Two coats on my middle finger.

Wavelength: a black with gold shimmer. Great formula, I did two coats but could have gotten away with one.

That’s all for now! I’ll do a post with the mini colour on another day. As always, I highly recommend checking out Rainbow Honey- even if these colours don’t necessarily become available (many of the mystery bag colours are exclusive) they consistently create beautiful, unique colours. Well worth checking out!

(As of mid January the Rainbow Honey website is in password mode- this usually happens before the launch of a new collection. Do check back on the site if you’re interested, I’m sure they’ll be back up soon, hopefully with the return of a healthy team member



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